Betapress advises publishers on presentation, planning, promotion, circulation and which sales channels to use. This results in a distribution plan that is fully customized and optimized for a magazine and its target audience.

Selection of the best outlets based on sales potential
We select the best outlets for each title. The basic concept is a locally focused assortment of titles tailored to the target audience. A magazine can always be found there where the sales potential is the highest.

Up to date circulation management based on sales results
Based on the initial results, a permanent evaluation will take place with the objective of optimizing the distribution and the number of outlets. Together with the publisher we look for potential to increase the frequency or the number of outlets.

Reporting per issue
A publisher has 24-hour access to the sales performance of their title(s) via the internet with a personal code. We create a report of sales results per issue for the publisher. If required we can make a more detailed analysis of sales to Cebuco region, channel, retail chain and outlet level.

Promotional support
Betapress will be of assistance to the Publishers in numerous ways, such as promotional support in title introductions, proposing and coordinating promotions and the development and production of POS materials such as display boxes and wobblers.

Financial settlement
Betapress ensures the financial settlement for both individual outlets and publishers. Publishers will not have any financial hassle but will have a transparent and clear overview of their finances.

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