Sister company Audia Logistics (ALO), the logistics service provider for media products and related items, provides the entire logistics of the magazine distribution for Betapress. A proven logistical and administrative process allows for the supply, storage and distribution of goods. And thanks to the finely meshed national distribution network ALO delivers every issue – in small or large quantities – efficiently and effectively.


  • State of the art packing system

  • Highly advanced returns processing system with 100% returns check

  • Large number of additional services such as the sealing of magazines, with or without covermount, compiling magazine packs, distributing, installing and filling displays and other advertising.


Additional logistics services

We can also be of service when it comes to providing solutions in magazine management and logistics services. For example when looking for interesting package partners , producing packs, producing, filling and delivery of display boxes, sorting out copies and reusing product pluses.





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